As a child, Wes Stern decided he wanted to become an actor. He began participating in the drama department in his elementary school, and continued honing his craft through college. Upon entering the work force,in the late '60s, Wes got a job at CBS in New York, hoping it would lead him to acting jobs. He soon moved over to ABC and from there left to work for a casting agency, where he used his position to get an audition for the film "," a coming-of-age film that starred Jacquiline Bisset.

Wes next appeared in the film "Three in the Cellar," the comic sequel to "Three in the Attic." as well as on an episode of "The Mary Tyler Moore Show," "Love, American Style," "Room 222" and a commercial for Stridex Medicated Pads.

Wes was elevated to temporary idol status when he prorayed lyricist Lionel Poindexter on the short-lived "Partridge Family" spin-off "Getting Together," starring uber-idol Bobby Sherman. Wes soon found his face on covers of several teen magazines and a brief spurt of "Gettting Together" memorabilia.

His reign as an alternative idol was brief, and Wes slipped into obscurity after a stint a Brenda's boyfriend on "Rhoda."

Although his are few and far between, Wes surfaced on an episode of "Cheers" in the '80s. He currently is a client of APA, an agency in Beverly Hills, California, which implies he is currently seeking work as an actor.

• Wes had asthema as a child

• At the height of his popularity, Wes was given the key to Las Cruces, New Mexico.

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