His name is unfamiliar today, though readers of "Tiger Beat" and "16" from the late '60s will remember this tall, dark and handsome idol from India. No, it's not Fez from "That '70s Show," its sexy Sajid Khan, teen Idoldom's first Moslem heart-throb.

Always portrayed as deep and soulful, this far-eastern fave first came to the attention of the teen set when he appeared in the 1967 feature film "Maya," an action adventure which co-starred Jay North (aka "Dennis the Menace") and a playful pachyderm (Maya.) Filmed in picturesque Bombay, "Maya" spawned a short-lived TV series which ran from September 16, 1967 through February 10, 1968 on NBC.

Although "Maya" dissapeared quickly from the Saturday night line-up, Saj remained in the hearts of many for several years to come as a favorite cover boy on many of the teen mags of the day. Often appearing next to Davy Jones and Bobby Sherman, Saj continued to receive sacks of fan mail from worshipers of all ethnicities. Although there was no TV show behind him, Sajid's sensitive persona and dark complexion semed to elevate his status with the millions who faithfully bought teen mags monthly. A short foray into world of recording coupled with an unyeilding willingness to cooperate with the publishers of teen magazines kept Sajid in the public eye until early 1970.

• Sajid is the adopted son of famed Indian film producer Mehboob Khan, founder of Mehboob Studios, in India.

• Sajid's earliest role was in the 1957 film "Mother India," an Academy-Award nominee for Best Foreign Film. "Mother India" was writen and directed by his father, and Sajid was credited simply as "Master Sajid."

• Sajid's manager was Ward Sylvester, who also handled Davy Jones and Bobby Sherman.

• Sajid was wildly popular in Mexico, and contiued to have sold-out live performances there, even after his populatity had evaporated in the U.S.

• Although he played a Hindu boy on "Maya," Sajid is actually a Moslem


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Sajid lived in Southern California in the late '60s through the early ’70s, but returned to India after his popularity faded. Sajid currently lives in United States and runs an international business selling antique jewelry. His last on-screen appearance was in the 1982 epoch "Heat and Dust."

After a massive search and find mission, Sajid sent an email response to Lora at the Yahoo fan site. Look for mesage 674. He keeps in touch with the group occasioanly.

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