The Bay City Rollers have the dubious distinction of being one of the most loved and loathed bands in pop music. Though their rise to the top was slow, the perception is that they appeared overnight because of their swift and calculated conquest of the US market.

The Rollers began as a band called the Saxons, formed by Alan and Derek Longmuir in 1965. Many personnel changes (and the inclusion of an ambituous manager) took place over the next few years as the troup of intrepid Scottsmen slowly built a following in Europe.

Rollermania began to grip the British Isles and Japan as the Rollers started to get airplay for their early singles. Their shows became riotous, emotionally charged events, as teenage girls went nuts for the plaid-clad Bay City Rollers. They soon were a European sensation with hit recodrs, a loyal following and their own weekly TV seies, "Shang-A-Lang."

A high-profile debut on Howard Cossell's "Saturday Night Live" variety series in the US brought the pandemonium across the pond in Fall of 1975. For the next several years, The Bay City Rollers were the darlings of the teen set ,with sold-out concert tours, hit records and endles coverage in "Tiger Beat" and "16."

Their squeaky-clean image and revolving-door policy with band members made them the brunt of criticism from the rock community, though their music was unfairly underrated. Nevertheless, their primarily female folowing knew better, and for the rest of the decade,The Rollers sold millions of records world-wide regardless of personnel.

The pressures of touring and being idols took their toll on the group, and The Bay City Rollers disbanded in 1981. Stories of excess, emotional distress and financial dissaray surrounded the group, and, sadly, contributed to their demise. In years to come, various combinations of the group would tour ocasionally, and in 1999, the most-famous line-up of Alan, Derek, Woody, Les and Eric briefly reunited for a new LP and tour. Roller alums Ian Mitchell, Duncan Faure and Pat McGlynn all have active careers in music as well, and occasionally join in the various tours and conventions supporting the group.

• The Bay City Rollers had their own Saturday morining TV series in the US which featured the Kroff puppets (HR Pufnstuf and friends)

• There are still annual Rollerfests held world-wide

• The book, "Bye Bye Baby," written by a Roller fan has been optioned for a feature film by Courtney Love

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