Dark ,good looks and a couple of television roles helped to give actor Michael Gray two years inbetween the covers of "Tiger Beat" magazine.

Born in Chicago, Michael moved to Florida when he was a young boy. He caught the acting bug in high school, and eventually made his way to Hollywood. In 1972, Michael won the role of Ronnie on the NBC series "The Little People," a charming sitcom that starred Brian Keith as a pediatrician with a practice on Oahu, Hawaii. When the series didn't perform well, it was reworked into "The Brian Keith Show," and Michael was let go.

Signed to a management deal with Charles Laufer, pubisher of "Tiger Beat," Michael was able to keep a high profile while rounding up other acting roles, though other publications ignored the talented and handsome young actor.

Michael's second series came in 1974, when he was cast in his signature role, as Billy Batson on the Saturday morning series "Shazam." Afer that, he appeared opposite Parker Stevenson in the coming-of-age drama "Our Time."

Although Michael Gray had all the tools one would expect to be necessary to build a sturdy career, he soon faded into obscutiry as it became harder for him to make a living at his craft.


• Michael once got mobbed at an Osmond Brothers concert, and had to hide in a broom closet

• Michael recorded several songs for Charles Laufer's L.E.G. Records, though none were ever released.

• He was on an episode of "The Brady Bunch."

The ever youthful Michael Gray is happily married and living in thelos Angeles area. Together, Michael and his wife run Casa Bella, a flower shop in Beverly Hills. Michael has been acting in theater, and has recently started to persue adult roles in film and television.

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